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CITER Annual Scientific Meeting 2020 –

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Cardiff Institute of Tissue Engineering and Repair (CITER) Research Committee I am pleased to notify you of details for this year’s CITER Annual Scientific Meeting 2020. The two-day meeting is taking place between 14th – 15th September and is being held online. Please note there will be no fee to attend this meeting.

The Programme comprises of six sessions over the two days and four research themes including:

·        Immunology, Infection and Inflammation;

·        Applied Healthcare Technology;

·        Mind, Brain and Neurosciences;

·        Cancer

There are four keynote speakers relevant to each aforementioned theme, invited guest speakers and talks from our bursary awardees on how the CITER funding has allowed for collaborations of an interdisciplinary nature and any future work.

Our keynote speakers are:

·        Professor Yamni Nigam, Swansea University

·        Professor Philip Rowe, University of Strathclyde

·        Dr Zameel Cader, University of Oxford

·        Professor Xin Lu, University of Oxford

The meeting provides an excellent means of encouraging the participation of academic staff and students to present their research in either a poster or delivering a talk in a supportive but critical environment which helps your career development. In addition, the meeting provides an excellent opportunity for students and early stage researchers to Chair academic sessions.

To book your space please register via Eventbrite

Additional details attached.  If you have any queries please email