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TCES seminar – Thursday 11th February 1-2pm

Dr Gavin Jeffries, Chief Scientific Officer for Fluicell

Patterning tissues for cell microenvironment engineering using the Biopixlar single-cell resolution bioprinter

The progress of bioprinting technologies and applications has accelerated tremendously in recent years. However, reproducing the complexity of tissue biology, especially mimicking the architecture of cellular microenvironment on an individual cell level remains a challenge.

In this presentation we will demonstrate how Fluicell employs hydrodynamically confined devices to build biological tissues from individual cells. Furthermore, we will demonstrate the advantages of patterning tissues and controlling the microenvironment using an open-volume microfluidic approach.

Who should attend: scientists in the fields of cell biology, cancer, regenerative medicine and associated research areas, who are looking to generate in-vitro models using multiple cell types, with exquisite control over cell positioning.

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