Castillo-Diaz: Non-stimulated hMSCs inside PGD-alpha2 hydrogel


Postgraduate Courses in tissue and cell engineering in the UK
(Listed alphabetically by location of Institution)

Aston University
MSc in Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine
Contact: Dr Eric Hill (email)

University of Birmingham
MRes in Biomaterials
Contact: Dr Artemis Stamboulis (email)

University of Bradford
MSc in Skin Sciences and Regenerative Medicine (website)
Contact: Dr Michael Fessing (email)

Cardiff University
MSc in Tissue Engineering
Contact: Dr Wayne Nishio Ayre (email)

University of Glasgow
MRes in Biomedical Sciences (including option to specialise in Cell Engineering)
Contact: Dr Christopher McInerny (email)

University of Edinburgh
MSc in Regenerative Medicine: Clinical and Industrial Delivery
Contact: Paul Travers (email)

Keele University
MSc in Biomedical Engineering/Medical Engineering Design/Cell and Tissue Engineering
Contact: Hildegarde Wright (email)

Imperial College London
MSc in Biomedical Engineering
(The Biomaterials stream is offered jointly with the Department of Materials)
Contact: Dr. Robert J. Dickson
MRes in Biomedical Research (email)
Contact: Prof. N. Gooderham (email)

King’s College London
MSc in Regenerative Dentistry
Contact: Prof. Paul Sharpe (email)

Loughborough University
CDT in Regenerative Medicine
Contact: Dr Karen Coopman (email)

Queen Mary, University of London
Research degrees in Medicine
Contact: Dr Simon Joel (email)

University College London
Masters courses in:

a) Tissue Engineering (and biomaterials)
Contact: Prof. Mohan Edirisinghe (email)

b) Nanobiotechnology with Regenerative Medicine
Contact: Prof. Alex Seifalian (email)

c) Medical Physics and Bioengineering (includes some lectures on Tissue Engineering)
Contact: Prof. Alan Cottenden (email)

University of Manchester
MRes Tissue Engineering for Regenerative Medicine
Contact: Dr. Sarah Herrick (email)

CDT in Regenerative Medicine
Contact: Dr Jenefer Cockitt (email)

University of Nottingham
MRes in Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering
Contact: Prof. Kevin Shakesheff (email)

MRes in Stem Cell Technology
Contacts: Mrs. Pat Hardiman (Mon-Wed), Mrs. Caroline Reffin (Thu-Fri) (email)

University of Sheffield
MSc in Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine (link)
Contact: Prof. Steve Winder (email)

MSc Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine (link)
Contact: Dr Ihtesham Rehman (email)
MSc in Dental Materials Science (link)
Contact:  Dr David Patrick (email)
B.Eng (Hons) and M.Eng (Hons) Bioengineering (link)
Contact: Prof. Steve Matcher (email)

University of Suffolk
MSc in Regenerative Medicine (link)
Contact: Dr Federica Masieri (email)

If you would like to include a relevant postgraduate course in this list, please contact Dr Richard Balint at with details, including a link to the relevant website.