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Fellowship success

We are delighted to announce that TCES’ 2019 Robert Brown Awardee, Jenny Ashworth has won a University of Nottingham Anne McLaren Research Fellowship. The goal of the Robert Brown Award is to recognise promise and foster the development of the next generation of tissue and cell engineering scientists. In support of this aim all awardees are offered mentorship to help set career goals, get honest and constructive feedback and build confidence. Jenny saw the Robert Brown award as being instrumental in helping her achieve this next stage of her career. 

“I am hugely grateful to TCES for their support in helping me obtain an Anne McLaren fellowship from the University of Nottingham. In this fellowship, I will be working on biomaterial models of fibrosis, creating tissue-realistic in vitro models that can be tailored to match different disease states. By recreating the different collagen architectures found within each tissue, I plan to develop more patient-relevant environments for drug discovery. I would like to thank TCES for their support through the Robert Brown award, which was a huge help to me in demonstrating my research independence, and would also like to thank Dr Jon Dawson for his mentorship and advice through the fellowship application process.”