TCES Net – Networking funding

What is TCES Net?

TCES Net enables you, as TCES members, to apply for funding to run small networking events to:

  • Maintain links and collaborative networks throughout the year
  • Tell people in the community about the work you’re doing, and find out about research in other groups
  • Engage with other stakeholders, including industrial partners and policy makers
  • Disseminate your research to a wider audience – for example, school children and lay societies

What’s on offer and what are the conditions?

  • We can fund up to £1000 per meeting up to a maximum of three meetings per year
  • These meetings must be held outside the period when the annual conference is held – generally, but not always, the summer months
  • They can centre on any focussed research theme relevant to TCES community – see here for our charter
  • Registration must be free, but attendees are expected to cover the cost of their transport
  • It is expected that meetings should last half a day
  • Meetings open to all (and not just TCES members)
  • Meetings must be inclusive and accessible
  • Meetings must be badged and advertised as TCES Net meetings

How are applications judged?

  • The TCES committee will judge applications on several criteria:
    • Organisation, planning and likelihood of attracting a significant number of attendees
    • Potential impact beyond the TCES community
    • Value for money – co-funding through industrial sponsorship is especially welcome
    • Involvement of early career researchers (PhD and research fellows) in the application
    • Accessibility

How do I apply?

Copy the questions below into an email or word processing program and e mail details to Nick Evans ( Applications are accepted year round, but calls are advertised on the TCES list. Please note that successful awardees are required to provide a short blog article (~400 words) with a picture for feature on the website, and a summary of how the funds were spent

Applications for TCES Net are now open. The deadline is Friday 29th March 2024 and your event must be held between July 2024 and December 2023 (inclusive).

TCES Net Application Form

To apply to run your own TCES event, please paste the following questions into a document or the body of an e mail and return to


Name(s) (Please indicate principle applicant)


Phone Number(s)

What is the title of your TCES Net meeting? (Max 20 words)

Describe the primary purpose of your meeting (Max 200 words)

Briefly what activities you plan for your event and how you will organise it (Max 400 words)

Where will your event be held, and what local facilities are available? (Max 50 words)

What date will your event be held?

Do you have plans in place to co-fund this event? If so, how? (Max 200 words)

Please provide an overview of how the funds will be spent (Max 200 words)

Please describe how you will make the event inclusive and accessible for all (Max 200 words)

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