Shearer 3D renderings of I2KI-stained patellar tendon tissue

TCES Constitution

Bylaws of the Society


Article 1

1. Under the name “UK Tissue and Cell Engineering Society” (TCES) a non-profit association.

Article 2

1. The Society has the following aims:
a) To encourage progress in the field of Cell and Tissue Engineering in all aspects, including research, teaching, and clinical applications;
b) To promote the propagation of scientific information in the field of Cell and Tissue engineering;
c) To promote the interaction between the different disciplines of the field of Cell and Tissue Engineering as well as between basic research applied practice;
d) To cooperate with other scientific organisations, governmental and private bodies, both national and international, that pursue similar activities;
e) To promote the sharing of intellectual and technical resources between centres
f) To develop structured activities on issues involving Tissue and Cell Engineering;
g)To stimulate the creation of research programs on Tissue and Cell Engineering, on a national level to research councils
h) To act as an expert information source.

2. To reach these goals, the following activities are envisaged:
a) Reporting by TCES members about their research and development work at the Annual Meetings;
b) The organisation and conducting of congresses, workshops, and advanced courses on special themes and to co-sponsor joint national/international meetings.
c) The founding of “ad hoc commissions” to address urgent problems in the area of Tissue and Cell Engineering
d) The informing of the members about developments/opportunities in Tissue and Cell Engineering research and training in the field
e) To maintain databases relevant to the Society’s activities subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act.

3. In accordance with the resolutions of the Annual General Meeting or any Extraordinary Meeting, the Society can unite with organisations with related aims and purposes.


Article 3

1.Membership of the Society is open to:
a) Individuals, in particular scientists, experts, and executives who are involved in the area of Tissue and Cell Engineering or who are interested in the area of Tissue and Cell Engineering;
b) Firms and other similar organisations;
c) Special-focus organisations and associations;
d) Institutions for higher education and institutions for research or testing.

2. Applications for Membership are reviewed by the Executive Committee and Membership begins after the payment of the first membership fee.

3. Resignation from the Society is possible with three months notice.


Article 4

1. The financing of the goals of the association is to be provided as follows:
a) Through membership fees, the amount of which will be suggested by the Executive Committee and must be agreed upon by annual or extraordinary general meetings;
b) Through profits from meetings and events;
c) Through donations, commercial sponsorship, grant or prize;
d) Through contributions from public corporations;
e) Through revenue from the Society’s assets.

2. Only the Society’s assets are liable


Article 5

1.The Society’s business is conducted through:
a) The Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meetings called at the request in writing of at least twenty members. Thirty days notice of AGMs or EGMs must be given to members.
b) The Executive Committee.

Article 6

1.The Executive committee consists of at least four members. These will be elected by the members at the AGM for a typical term of three years. Repeat terms of duty are possible.
2. The President will be elected by the members at the AGM or EGM Meeting from the members of the Executive Committee typically for a three year term of duty.
 Repeat terms of duty are possible.
3. The Executive Committee alone distributes and assigns the duties and functions of its members.
4. The Executive Committee is responsible for all tasks of the Society unless otherwise stated by law or these bylaws.

Article 7

In the case of the dissolution of the Society, the remaining assets will be donated to an institution with similar goals. Division of the remaining assets amongst the members is prohibited.

Article 8

All decisions by vote shall be decided by a simple majority of those present. In the event of a tie the presiding officer (normally the President or the secretary in absence of the President) is empowered to use as casting vote.

Article 9

Members in good standing (i.e. members who have paid their annual subscription to the society) may propose a motion for discussion and decision at the AGM provided at least three weeks notice is given to members of the motion.

Article 10

The Membership Secretary shall keep records of members’ names addresses and any office to which they have been elected. The Secretary shall issue an Annual report to members.

Article 11

The Treasurer shall maintain accounts of all monies received or disbursed.

The above constitution rules and articles were updated at the committee meeting of the Tissue and Cell Engineering Society on 23/7/13.

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