TCES Awards/Prizes

The following bursaries and awards are available to our members:

TCES Travel Bursary

TCES travel bursaries are available for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers currently studying/working in the UK to attend conferences other than TCES, promoting the society at external meetings.

Applicants need to be TCES members who have already had an abstract accepted for the conference that they want to attend. Travel bursary applications are welcome all year around.

For more information contact the Travel Bursary Coordinator, Dr James Phillips, at

Download: TCES travel bursary application form

The Early Stage Investigator Award (ESI)

This award identifies the true future high flyers whilst they are still fledglings. Criteria for this award include outputs, impact, funding success, professional development and quality of the work presented at TCES conferences. The ESI winner receives a cheque for £250, an invitation to submit an article on their profile and research to the TCES newsletter, and mentoring from a member of the committee (subject to availability of individual committee members chosen).

Eligible candidates should be TCES members, have a PhD in a tissue engineering-related field, not have been awarded grants or fellowships longer than 12 months, and not hold an academic position.

Candidate may apply by submitting an abstract for the annual conference to the organisers, AND a personal statement and CV (using the template provided) to the TCES Awards Co-ordinator, Dr Araida Hidalgo, at the following address:, by May 31st. Candidates shortlisted to oral sessions by the Conference Committee will be evaluated on their TCES presentation, as well as on their research career.

Download: TCES ESI application

TCES Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM)

TCES Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM) are £500 awards to support PhD students (2nd and 3rd year) and PDRAs with an opportunity for short term training at one of the specialised groups in the UK, technology transfer between groups, or to facilitate collaboration between diverse groups, which may lead to future grant applications or joint publications.

TCES members can apply by sending their CV, an invitation letter from the proposed host, a letter of support from their supervisor and a two-page summary of scientific mission (including objectives of research to be carried out or technology transfer, time scale and deliverables).

Successful applicants must agree to acknowledge TCES in resulting outputs and to publish a short article in the TCES newsletter. Applications should be emailed to the TCES Awards Co-ordinator, Dr Araida Hidalgo, at the following address: by May 31st.

Download: TCES STSM application

TCES Science Communication Award (SCA)

The TCES Science Communication Award is intended to recognise scientists for their contribution to science communication and public engagement, and to support future outreach work to continue to enthuse and engage the public. This call is open to TCES members based at a UK university or institute.

Applicants should send their CV, completed form (template available from website), and one reference letter from their supervisor or mentor to Dr Araida Hidalgo at by May 31st. Criteria to award this prize will include innovation, impact, and experience with different KS/age groups and sectors.

The successful candidates will receive £250 to fund their activity. They are also expected to acknowledge the TCES support in all related activities, to contribute to a session during the TCES conference to inspire attendants on science communication, and to publish one short article in the TCES website.

Download: TCES SCA application

· Results for the ESI, STSM and SCA awards will be announced during the Annual TCES Conference, shortlisted candidates should make every effort to attend this meeting.

· Previous Award winners are not eligible to enter again.

Other Awards and Prizes

[None advertised at present]