Adam Curtis award 2019 – Gianluca Cidonio

by Gianluca Cidonio


The TCES Adam Curtis Collaboration Award (ACCA) has allowed me to visit Prof Gianluca Tozzi’s lab to establish a collaborative network with his lab at the University of Portsmouth. At Tozzi’s lab, I have been trained at novel techniques for 3D printing using extrusion-based technologies to investigate
printability of hydrogel biomaterials. During my visit, I had the opportunity to explore Tozzi’s lab visiting the unique 3D printing and imaging facilities at the Zeiss Centre at the University of Portsmouth.
I have been able to spend a more than week-time at the University of Portsmouth to carry out the studies needed as initial testing of a novel clay-based material ink for the printing of human bone marrow stromal cells. The testing of printable gels using the cutting-edge printing facility has resulted in a rapid and effective screening for printability and shape fidelity of clay-based inks. Experimental studies completed during my visit at Tozzi’s lab have been found pivotal for the development of a suitable clay-based bioink for the fabrication of functional skeletal tissue constructs at the University of Southampton. We are currently drafting a joint manuscript, aiming for a submission in 2020. Data gathered with the drafted manuscript, will be used as proof-of-concept for the application to relevant future national grant calls.