Primary Neurons and Schwann Cells on Aminosilanes

Primary Neurons and Schwann Cells on Aminosilanes. – Caroline Taylor, University of Sheffield

Aminosilanes can be used, instead of laminin, as a coating to mimic the ECM and improve the biocompatibility of biodegradable polymers. Dorsal Root Ganglion bodies were dissociated into primary neurons and Schwann cells to determine the effects of aminosilanes on neuronal cells. After 7 days in culture, primary neurons were labelled for ╬▓III Tubulin (red) and primary Schwann cells were labelled for S100 (green). Aminosilanes have the ability to control chemical group deposition at the sub-micron scale due to their associated topographical profiles. They have been shown to improve primary neuron differentiation and primary Schwann cell attachment.