Pop Art Human Bone Gel

Pop Art Human Bone Gel – Gianluca Cidonio, University of Southampton

Iconic Andy Warhol’s pictures of Marilyn Monroe photos, arranged with different varieties of colours, inspired many artists in their creations.
Warhol was an artist, he was art. But is art part of us? Can the human body, for example bone, be art?
We can find colours in bone, even more in gels made from human bone.
The bone is yellow, because the sunlight can stimulate production of vitamin D, essential for bone health.
Blue, like the water, that has been found to serve an essential remodelling action on bone rearranging minerals!
Pink/red because of the necessity of an extensive vasculature provision, allowing exchange of oxygen, nutrient and waste.
Green as the coloured bone that have been found in men assuming high doses of antibiotics that could be easily absorbed by the inorganic component of bone and remain entrapped within the bone itself shining in green.